Do you have an English Springer Spaniel? Are you having a difficult time with it? Maybe it is because you have not trained it well enough for it to listen to you yet. Training Springer Spaniels is not that difficult to do, if you know when the right time to train them would be, and if you know exactly how to train them. All it takes is a lot of time, and a lot of patience, and you will have already had what you have always wanted your English Springer Spaniel to have been doing.

Training Springer Spaniels in the more advanced stages of training depends on what type of English Springer Spaniel you own. For the basics, such as obedience training and potty training, however, the most common and general training for any breed of dog stays prevalent for the English Springer Spaniel.

When training your Springer Spaniel to be obedient to you, the owner, you have to do this when the dog is at about 3 or 4 months old. This is the best possible time to teach your dog the things that should and should not be done, and show it who the alpha male should be. Devote a couple of solid weeks in showing your dog the basic ropes, and you will have taught it the basics of being your pet.

Potty training Springer Spaniels is the same with any other breed of dog. Again, train them at around 3 to 4 months old. As puppies generally have a predictable call of Mother Nature to answer every time they drink or eat, always bring them to the spot where you want to have them do their business. Always bring them to the same spot every time they have to go, and do that consistently, without fail, for about three to four weeks. If they accidentally go where they should not, show them what they have done wrong while telling them in a calm, yet assertive voice, that it is not to be done again.

Advanced training of Springer Spaniels involves either the show dog type of Springer Spaniel, or the field gun dog retriever type. With the show dog type of Springer, you will not have to train them to fetch or point or sniff out as much as you would with the field type. Always have them calm, obedient, and comfortable with other people, and especially other dogs, since they might encounter them at dog shows.

With the field type, you would need to have treats readily available every time they successfully accomplish a new training technique you teach them, to be able to easily engrain in their nature whatever you taught them. Training Springer Spaniels is not as difficult as you would really think.