In Springer Spaniel training, the dog owner’s mental state is vital. These dogs are very intuitive and in touch with his masters emotional state. As such, the owner must ensure that he is calm and assertive. The owner must hold his head up high while standing tall to show the dog that he is in charge or the leader. He must ensure that that his hands have no tension, if your hand is calm and relaxed the dog will surely feel it. The owner of this breed must ensure that he is consistent in correcting his springers behavior. He must set boundaries and enforce them whenever his dog steps over them. Consistency in the dog owners reinforcement sends the message to his dog that the owner is the boss. The dog owner must make his springer work for treats.  The dog owner must always ask something of his springer before giving his dog a biscuit, chew or dinner. The dog owner may make the springer sit, lie down or stay. If the springer does what he is commanded to do, then treats will be the springers prize.

Springer Spaniel training must start early when the dog is still a puppy. One of the first things to teach the springer spaniel is house training them. Springer spaniel puppies normally are always eager to go to the loo right after eating, sleeping and playing. After these activities, you may take the dog outside so your dog can do his business. Once finished, you may play with them and say good boy (or girl).

The command Sit! is the one command that the dog owner must master first. This is essential during both gun dog training and in obedience training. Hold the treat in front of your dog, then say the command Sit!, while pushing the dogs bottom towards the ground. Then, as soon as the springer is in the sitting position you may give them the treat.

Lie Down! is the next item in Springer Spaniel training. Get your springer spaniel puppy in the sitting position while holding a treat in front of your dog. Hold the treat on the ground where the dogs nose would be when he lies down and push his shoulders gently and carefully to the ground while saying Lie Down! Once your puppy is already lying down, you may give them the treat.

Then the next command in Springer Spaniel training is the mastery of the Stay! command. First make your springer sit or lie down, at the same time show them the treat and say loudly the word Stay! to them. If the dog moved, bring them back again to the starting point again, then repeat the command Stay! When the dog stayed put for a brief moment, you may now give them the treat.

There are other commands that you may want to teach your dog, like walking, recall, leave and fetch.

As with all dog training, little and often is always best. Training can be 10 minutes, 4 to 6 times a day. As much as possible, try to make the Springer Spaniel training a fun, engaging and lively activity for both you and your Springer Spaniel. Your dog will definitely love you and you will get plenty of enjoyable moments with your dog.