The Spaniel is an ancient breed of dog. It can be traced back to the spaniels of Spain. Most dog books insist that spaniel is a corruption of the word espagnol, meaning Spanish or Spain. There are others that believe that word may be a corruption of the word espanir, meaning flatten out in French. A conclusion has been reached by many that the spaniel was a native of Spain and that it was spread through Europe by the Romans by way of trade routes to the Far East.

Whatever the true background is, a spaniel is described to be a breed that hunts; worked by quartering in front of the hunter, flushing game and retrieving from land and water.

Before these dogs were ever trained for hunting, flushing and retrieving, they all started out as cute little puppies. A Springer Spaniel puppy is adorable and is likely to steal your heart. They are even-tempered, gentle, and happy, with great zest for life. They are intelligent, skillful, willing and obedient, and a quick learner. They are affectionate, good-natured and sincere. This breed loves everyone of any age and makes an excellent child companion.

As with most dogs, a Springer Spaniel dog, if not properly exercised can become hyper and disruptive and destructive. Any puppy goes through phases, as they grow older. The most common is the biting or chewing. To prevent this from happening, a Springer Spaniel puppy must be given a proper routine exercise. They must have activities for them to get tired to easily obey their owners. Since they are built for hunting and retrieving, the best activity for this bundle is to explore the outside world.

A Springer Spaniel puppy is happy as it plays in the open. They are curious of their surroundings and have fun tracking and stalking birds in the backyard. The best exercise for them is running. A 45-minute run a day would suffice. If this can be done twice a day, the better chances that this breed will be very obedient in everything its owner commands.

To give a Springer Spaniel dog proper grooming routine is essential to make their coats looking healthy, otherwise their fur quickly becomes matted especially behind the ears. Regular combing should be started early in their life or else they would be irritable if they are not used to it.

A Springer Spaniel puppy will need to be fed at regular intervals during the day until they have reached at least 18 months. It is still best to consult your doctor on how to properly feed and what types of food to give your Springer Spaniel pup.

Springer Spaniels are prone to kidney infection so you better make sure that your Springer Spaniel has constant access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Having a puppy with proper diet and lots of exercise will ensure its owner of a well-balanced personality that is cheerful, affectionate, good-natured and loyal, a dog that is perfect as a family pet.