Springer Spaniel puppies grow up to be medium-sized dogs. They have either dark brown or dark hazel colored eyes that are oval in shape. Their nose is either black or liver, depending on the coat color of the dog. And their ears are long that fall near their cheeks. The dogs color is either a combination of black and white or liver and white, though the white color is more predominant.


These furry Springer Spaniel puppies are great to have as pets because of their cheerful and friendly nature. People find them energetic and playful so its fun having them around. And these dogs can get along with people effortlessly, thats why theyre popular not just among dog lovers. They are also known as gentle, obedient, good-natured and affectionate pets, which is why they make good companions of children. Since Spring Spaniel puppies are also intelligent fast learners, they are easy to train by their owners.

Actually, it is advisable for owners to provide these pets some structure or discipline so that they can understand and follow basic rules. Even if they are generally good pets, some negative issues can still come up if the owners do not give them some physical and also mental exercises everyday. It is important that they have a consistent rules that they follow so that they don’t become destructive. If they dont get enough exercise, they also have a tendency to bark when left alone.


In terms of breed, there are two known types of Springer Spaniel puppies. These are the show lines and the field lines. Breeders usually use the field types for hunting or field trial activities. These dogs have less hair as compared to the other type and they have more white areas. On the other hand, bench type or show lines have more hair and they are used for those conformation shows.

Despite some minor differences, both types are still similar in many ways. They both need daily exercise to remain healthy and enthusiastic. It is nice if their owners have an average-seized backyard where the dogs can walk and play. Although they can also stay in apartments as long as they still get enough exercise outside. Both types of Springer Spaniel puppies also love the water. This is why they always get muddy or wet after playing outside. They can also easily get along with other pets, although it is advisable not to get them close with birds since they are known as fowl hunters.


These dogs are quite easy to groom. Owners just need to regularly brush their hair to keep them untangled, since their hair is somehow curly. But a quick and simple brushing once a day is enough for maintenance. Owners should also give them baths when deemed necessary to keep them clean. Trimming should also be done on the side of the dogs ears to prevent ear infections. The hair around the feet area should also be trimmed from time to time so that foxtails will not be imbedded on their feet.