Springer Spaniel Information

The Springer spaniel is a breed of gun dog usually being trained for flushing and retrieving games. They are good at hunting, tracking, retrieving, serving as watchdogs and performing tricks. They could be field or show type.

They are also usually being used as sniffer dogs. The name Springer stemmed from the hunting role in the old history of this breed of dog where it would spring into the air to catch birds.

The Springer spaniel is a medium-built breed of dog. They are gentle, friendly and very sociable. They make good companions for children. They are affectionate and good nature. They simply love everyone.   They need daily physical exercise and if this is not complied with by their owners they have the tendency to be frustrated and be destructive at once. Being sociable as they are, they seem to fear being left alone.  

They are sensitive to the tone of their owners voice and they tend not to listen if they feel they are more authoritative than their owner. However, they will also not respond if treated harshly.  Owners of Springer spaniel are advised to be calm yet authoritative.


Dogs are about 19-21 inches (48-56cm) in height while Bitches are around 18-20 inches (46-51cm). They could weight about 45-55 pounds (20-25kg.) for dogs and 40-50 pounds (18-23kg.) for bitches.

Coat Care

The coat of a field-type Springer can be easily maintained with regular brushing using a stiff bristle brush. Meanwhile, the show-type Springers coat needs baths and dry shampoo when necessary. Its ears should also be checked regularly for possible signs of infection. Longer coats have to be brushed often. Its hair on the feet also needs to be trimmed.

Family Life

Springers are friendly and eager to please. They are affectionate and easy-going; a classic family dog that gives good company to hunters and children alike.


They are friendly and good company for children. They are comfortable with average-size home as long as they get regular exercises. They are used to urban living at a town or a city. They are lively and active outdoor and not so much while they are indoors. They are relatively inactive indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard.


Owners sometime complain about some health problems of the Springer spaniels. They are prone to dysplasia, eyesight and blood disorders. They should not be overfed because they easily gain weight. Their life expectancy is bout twelve to fourteen years. 


They need regular, actually, lots of exercise to keep them happy. Long walks or jogs behind their owner are best exercise for them. Running and playing outdoors also keep them active. Their hobbies to retrieve and swim will also do good for their physical agility.


The English Springer spaniel is an upland flushing dog and they can be trained for different skills using hand signals, whistle and  a command form their breeder. During hunt tests for field springer spaniel, they should be able to deliver a bird to their hunter.  They can also be taught to play games like soft mouth. Meaning, they will bite without puncturing their teeth.  A springer is expected to have a good sense of smell. They could be taught to play scent game that is important for their hunter during the field trial. This is called scenting. The hunter can also train his springer the common way to sit and stay. This one is called hupping. As gun dogs, springers must also be responsive to hand signals.