A Springer Spaniel is a beautiful type of domesticated dog that aside from being a good pet, it is also an ideal show dog for any type of dog grooming competition that you may think of. The great stance of this breed makes it look great and poised, while its delicate fur and unique spots makes it look gentle and very adorable.

If you happen to have a Springer Spaniel as a pet, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your pet in the best way possible.  A springer spaniel grooming regimen is quite different from just about any other dog breed so proper care and the right set of tools to do the grooming should be observed.

Bathing the Springer Spaniel

Because of its thick fur which is very tender to the touch, the Springer Spaniel has a type of fur which can be very prone to dirt and attracts it by the ton. You will find that even after just a half day out with a Springer Spaniel, the fur can change color due to an accumulation of dirt in certain areas of its body.

To bathe a Springer Spaniel for springer spaniel grooming, you can take the dog into a tub or a shallow pool of water, making sure to gently rub the dog in the key crevices, such as under the tail and under the legs. Rinse gently and hold the tail when drying. You can use a blow dryer set at a low and cool to dry and comb the dogs fur until its dry to the touch.  

Springer Spaniel Grooming Method

The grooming method for a Springer Spaniel  by professional groomers is actually long and intense, requiring different tools for different parts of the body. However, using a bigger scissor or buzz cutter for bigger areas and using a smaller and a sharper scissor for more narrow areas will work best.

Use a bigger scissor when cutting the hair at the back of the dog, making sure that you are cutting in stages to keep the fur leveled and to avoid cutting too much of the fur. For the smaller scissor, make sure to use it gently on your pet and to make sure that you are cutting the fur instead of cutting through your pets skin.

There is a certain standard to a good springer spaniel grooming, but by the end of the day, making sure that your dog looks neat is the important thing to remember. A neat looking dog surely does look like a dog any owner can be proud of.