The English Springer Spaniel originated in England. It was in the mid 19th Century when it descended from the Norfolk and Shropshire spaniels. It eventually produced its own breed of spaniels when on January 1899, experts of Spaniel Club of England and the Sporting Spaniel Society experimented in combining two breeds of springer. They were able to produce a good combination of spaniel now referred to as the English Springer Spaniel. It was later on recognized by a dog association known as the English Kennel Club. From that point forward, a separate breed of Springer Spaniels continues until the present.

The English Springer Spaniel is usually a medium sized dog. It has a lot of feathers all over its body and mostly on the legs and tail. It has long wide ears and has oval shaped eyes. This is probably the best kind of breed ever produced because it has the physical skill from the ability of the field-bred dogs and it also has the good looks from the ability of the show-bred dogs. It has the combination of good looks and physical built. English Springer Spaniel puppies are also very friendly and good companion. It is ideal to people of all ages. They are very intelligent, playful and sensitive.

The term springer came from its ability to spring or flushes the birds during hunting. It is know to be a gun dog because of its fierce physical ability. The English Springer Spaniel can be a great companion at home and they can guard the house against any possible intruders. Their agility is very unique and they can even be good competitors in a dog contest. They are also used as sniffer dogs for special tasks like searching for explosives an arsenal weapons. Its ability to sniff specific chemicals made it a demandable spaniel all over the world. They can be trained easily and is a reliable source for searching volatile objects. In addition to that, English Springer Spaniels also has the ability to sniff blood in crime scene investigations and search for mobile phones held by inmates after a good training.

The life expectancy of an english springer is for 12 14 years. They can adapt easily in any circumstance may it be field work or house companion. They want to walk all the time and an owner should make sure he gives the springer spaniel dog a walk outside the house like what humans would do.