The English Springer Spaniel is a breed of gundog that is trained for flushing or springing games in the field. English Springer Spaniels are known for their versatility because they cannot only work with fierce shooters and hunters and they can also be a tame family dog.

The English Springer Spaniel puppies are known to continue developing until it has reached two years old. This breed is unlikely to be aggressive or dominant, but to be assured, it is best to train the spaniels when they are still young. Being usually sociable, friendly and fast-learners, most dog lovers want to pet this kind of breed.

They make good family dogs. They can also get along well with children. However, they can be timid, stubborn and destructive if they are not given apt exercise and training.  English Springer Spaniels who are less active are found to have more behavioral problems than those that have active life style with their owners. If you are athletic, a spaniel is an ideal training buddy for you because they need at least two hours of exercise regularly and demand for active lifestyle. They could be considered city dogs as they are used to urban living at towns or cities.

Consider the following the following in planning to pet a spaniel:

Expenses: Springer Spaniels are relatively less expensive to maintain. The show type of spaniels cost more or less 450 while the field type of this dog cost lower at about 300. Other expenses in keeping this breed are very minimal. Owners would only need brushes, combs and shears for grooming these dogs. Additional cost will only be for the kits the owners would use for their exercise with the dogs.

Food:  The average food expense for this breed is about 4-7.50. English Springer Spaniel puppies normally, have high appetite. Owners should keep close watch when feeding them because they are very prone to obesity during their formative months. Owners should ensure that their puppies are getting proper nutrition and following a strict diet.

Appearance: English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized sporting dogs. They have long ears, always alert and kind. They usually have deep brown or dark hazel eyes and proportioned legs. The body coat of a Spaniel is flat or wavy and at medium length. This coat that ranges from short to medium in length helps them to withstand sudden changes of the temperature in their environment. Spaniel dogs could be colored black and white, liver and white or tri-color or combined black and white and liver and white with tan markings.

Grooming: Minimal grooming is required. But they must still be brushed occasionally to prevent feathering and to take out dirt that easily gets attracted to their coat.

Size and Weight:  The height for dogs is between 49 to 51centimeters and Bitches are between 48 to 50 centimeters. They weigh from 23 to 24 kilograms for dogs and 24 to 25 kilograms for bitches.

Health: They are prone to ear infection, eyesight and blood problems and they are expected to live until they reach twelve or fourteen years old.