Looking for ways to get your English Springer Spaniel to listen to you? Having a great English Springer Spaniel training program is not all that difficult to make, or to do. All you have to make sure is that you know for which type of English Springer Spaniel breed you are training, whether it may be the bench type of Springer Spaniel, or more commonly known as the dog show type of Springer Spaniel, or the more active type. Anything other than that pretty much makes English Springer Spaniel training fairly easy.

The most basic training methods to all dog breeds applied to the English Springer Spaniel as well. House training generally is one of the most basic training regimens for any dog, and is done pretty much the same way regardless of the breed of dog. Just bring your dog out, or to the spot where you would want to make him go when the call of Mother Nature comes, and make it stay there until business is done. Do this every single time you feed your dog, for a solid and consistent three to four weeks at most. After this training period, your dog would have already known where to actually do business.

If ever your dog does not go where it is supposed to go, always show the dog what it did, and firmly say no, with a calm, yet assertive tone. Continue doing so until your dog does not make the same mistake again.

Obedience training is next in the list for English Springer Spaniel training. This more or less is a category in the Springer Spaniel training which has to be more emphasized in the dog show types of Springer Spaniels, as they need more discipline and obedience to their owners, who might just put them in dog shows.

They have, along with the field type of Springer Spaniel, and even every breed of dog, to first feel who the alpha male or female is when getting them to submit to you. Once that is established, they must be taught the most basic rules of obedience and respect and etiquette. They have to be taught to sit, stand, stay, go, and to be able to understand what no means. This is as far as applying to both the dog show type and the field type of Springer Spaniel goes; for real English Springer Spaniel training begins.

With the dog show types, they must be taught to stay longer than usual, and must learn to be comfortable around other people, such as complete strangers, for judges and other audience members would get close to your Springer Spaniel, and it must be tame. It must also be able to show a couple of tricks, depending on what you would want to teach it.

When it comes to the running type, you must be able to teach it to fetch, to point, to retrieve, and to hunt out whatever it is you want hunted or sniffed out. With the field type of Springer Spaniel, you need to have a huge open space for it to be trained properly. Excellent English Springer Spaniel training begins with the owner knowing his or her own Springer Spaniels DNA, and what it was bred to do.